Advisory Board

Bill Butler


​Bill brings over 20 years in Fortune 100 corporate business development to IFOA. He has a strong vision of what our company can be in the indoor agriculture arena.

Ronald R. Evans

Co-Founder & President

Ron brings over 40 years in civil construction and government contracting to our company.  Along with the original inspiration to make this vision a reality.

David W. Martin

Co-Founder & CEO

Dave brings over 25 years in civil construction and business development to the company. Finding better ways to do things has always been his passion.

Bill Leavitt

Scientific Research & Development

With over 40 years as a research scientist in the areas of degenerative disease, Bill brings tremendous passion to creating the most nutritious food possible for consumption.

Dedicated to creating a sustainable food supply for generations to come.

Ronald R. Evans

As a child in Rockford, Illinois, my family grew our vegetables in what was called a Victory Garden, a very large garden on our property.  I was always planting, weeding, watering, fertilizing and harvesting, or so it seemed.  This was in the days around World War II and was at a time when the nation as a whole was growing a large portion of their own vegetables and fruits, in support of the war effort of that time. The goal of the whole program was for American families to create their own ability to be self-sustaining as much as possible.

From those years, I grew to love growing vegetables and fruits and became quite interested in Aquaponics about 12 years ago and designed and built my own systems, learning much about how to grow great tasting vegetables and keep the fish alive in the process!

In recent years, I was asked by a humanitarian organization to design an Aquaponic system that would have as a core element the characteristics of being a safe and secure growing environment.  This was to be for an orphanage outside of Port-au-prince, Haiti, due to the devastation from the Earthquake of 2010 there.  I designed what was going to be a fully secure indoor aquaponic farm, and ultimately the funding for the farm did not occur due to political situations.  From that day, I have wanted to be part of something that can make a difference in the food supply for the world.  This is expressed here, with Indoor Farms of America.


David W. Martin

Part of my working life early on as a teenager was running the evening management team of a local grocery store in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Many days, I worked in the produce department, handling all aspects, receiving, processing, stocking, and maintaining the appearance of the department for the customers. What a wonderful time in a young man's life, those first working years.  I enjoyed every minute. This was a bit removed from working in the field on my grandparents modest farm and my mothers large garden, both in the mid-west, as a kid and a teenager. If you've never used a walk-behind roto tiller for a couple days, you should, the first chance you get.  It builds character!  Or, pull weeds by hand from row after row of your grandmothers' beans, squash, and tomatoes.  Another character builder.  Seriously, it is tough work, and when your grandmother tells you we do it this way because we don't want to put poison on our food, you tend to listen. 

The path of my life after those real lessons took me on a journey of operating and owning several successful businesses over the years, across several industries. One thing I have always known, is that my heart has always been continually drawn back to those days in rural Tennessee and suburban Ohio.

This provides me with the deep passion for what we are doing here at Indoor Farms of America. My hope is we can be a positive force in this wonderful way of growing food. My grandmother would like it for sure.

Management Team

As a Company, we believe the future of farming demands that real needs are addressed by creating economically viable solutions to meet those needs.  Farm anywhere you are.  All Year. Every Year.  That is exactly what we do.

It all stems from a deep respect for the traditional American Farmer, since our founders have multi-generational farming roots, and extends now to the realization of our future needs as a population.  Our mission is to bring forth innovation in the area of agricultural solutions and to advance the developing movement that is controlled environment agriculture, or Indoor Farming.  We bring the experience to the table in designing products that will generate solid financial results.  Cost effective means of bringing the entire crop cultivation process into a precisely managed operation, to maximize the good and reduce or eliminate the bad.

Who We Are.

Get to know our team.

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About Indoor Farms of America

Daphne Hooper

Native American Community

Program Development

President, Native Indoor Farms, LLC

As a Native, Daphne knows first hand the importance of helping the Native community to eat better, and to bring forward economic opportunities that speak to their culture.

Tom Davis

Educational Program Development

Indoor Farms for Education, Inc.

Tom brings over 35 years in Education, from being a Biology teacher to owning a highly successful educational program company. His focus on helping at-risk youth develop into strong, contributing citizens is key to our STEM program.

Real Innovation For Agriculture

Kathy Kessler

Founding Investor

Kathy provides a level of passion and vision from over 35 years in Nursing and a desire to see a healthier population, that is quite uncommon.

Board of Directors

John Graham

CFO, Co-Alliance LLP

John brings many years of high level financial governance of one of the leading agriculture companies in the U.S. to IFOA, and brings enthusiasm to help guide us to an exciting future.

​​Karen Hawkins


Karen caught our vision very early on in development and sees the powerful impact our products will have worldwide.