• Sell locally grown, with an excellent R.O.I.
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Truly Plug and Play, small or large farms
  • ​No Pesticides
  • No Herbicides
  • Non GMO

When the fields are frozen, or otherwise out of production, you can still be farming and producing a year-round, stable, profitable income from an indoor farm using the best technology in the business from 

 Indoor Farms of America.

It just makes good sense. 

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  • This is "Real" Farm to Fork!
  • Eliminate food waste
  • Harvest clean, fresh produce every day
  • Great taste every time
  • Grow to your specific customer needs
  • This is what Sustainability is all about

Traditional Farming and Indoor Farming for Year Round Income

Presenting a few Case Studies for your consideration as a farm operator.

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Real Innovation For Agriculture

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Barn Conversion to Indoor Vertical Farm

From one of the oldest and largest farming cooperatives in the U.S.: 

"We see the integration of this world class indoor agriculture equipment from Indoor Farms of America into the traditional farming operations as a way to diversify family farms, create a year-round income stream, and bring the next generation back to the farm.", says Kevin Still, CEO of Co-Alliance of Indiana. 

Farmers in the Co-Alliance family of members have already purchased two farms from IFOA. 

Co-Alliance sees the value in Indoor Farms of America, and invested in the company in 2017, along with purchasing these farms.