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Foodservice and Hospitality Division

Our team in Foodservice and Hospitality team has over 35 years each in the industry, at the highest level of large scale operations.

Foodservice and Hospitality

Large Farm Division

A Partnership alliance bringing advanced Indoor Farming to Native Americans across the U.S., for healthy foods and for economic benefits.

We figured there are plenty of folks out there that would absolutely love to have a real garden but without the issues of toiling away long hours in the sun fighting the weather, bugs and other pests, and dirt.  Our indoor gardens are not novelties!

For Large-Scale farming operators. Our proprietary Aeroponic growing system is the foundation, and we put it in whatever indoor space you can dream up.  Our team will work with your team to create an incredible crop production facility within a budget that can not be matched on a cost-per-plant basis.  Want to save capital? We sell our equipment in package and module form, too. Use your own crews and save money.

With innovation comes the ability and the responsibility to educate. We have created a non-profit educational program that focuses on the STEM initiatives for K thru 12 students.  Imagine the possibilities with our fun, engaging learning environment!

Multiple Styles of Portable Indoor Farms featuring ultra-high density healthy, robust crop growing capacity. Nothing else comes close. Want to grow Strawberries in January and sell them locally?  How about any popular Pepper variety? Or amazing quantities of fresh-daily leafy greens? Serious ROI potential to empower the local farmer / grower.

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Indoor Farms of America set out to create very financially viable indoor farms with all the qualitative known benefits, and we are confident you will agree we've done that.  We have developed multiple styles of proprietary portable farm platforms, and large scale fixed indoor farms which we design-build. Our systems are designed around our proprietary Aeroponic crop growing equipment. Multiple patents pending to bring you what we consider to be simply the best there is on the market, bar none. 

In addition, along the way, we realized there is a real educational need across our great country that we can address in a unique and engaging manner, so we have.  And finally, we have a passion for home gardening ourselves, so we have brought back an American icon, totally up to date for today's family who may want to grow their own natural veggies.