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We have re-written the book on the efficient use of space in indoor agriculture.  Watch this short video that gives an inside look.

Let's Talk Production and Yield Capacity and Lower Investment Costs!  Unmatched in this industry whether in one of our patented Portable Farm styles, or a Design-Build farm, or a Package you install. Contact us, learn more.

What crop are you growing, or do you want to grow?  For Leafy Greens such as leaf lettuces of any variety, or herbs and brassicas, our patented aeroponic equipment grows crops very fast to robust harvest sizes, and frankly, with the best taste you will ever encounter.

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We are confident you will agree our farms simply make the most sense.  Every single farm we build for you, or that you buy as a kit and install yourself, whether in one of our portable platforms, or in a 100,000 square foot building, is designed to out-perform anything else on the market, especially in the area of leafy green products of all kinds.

Multiple U.S. Patents issued 2016 and 2017.

Indoor Farms of America has an amazing patented nutrient delivery protocol integral to our farms. You'll love how it can save money too.

We use specially designed LED lighting that is efficiently configured for obtaining the maximum benefit for growing crops.

Our patented aeroponic system has been designed to perform... maximum oxygen availability to grow abundantly healthy plants, in both a reliable and affordable manner.

Planning a visit to sunny Las Vegas?  If you are, be sure to call us and stop by for a visit to our Demonstration Farm.

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