Create very special Action Stations, prepare fresh meals with living produce!  Perfect for:

Conventions, Restaurants, Cafeterias, Buffets,

Hospitals, Assisted Living Centers, University On-Campus Dining, Corporate Campus dining 

Do you operate in a remote area or region?

We've got you covered!

40 foot insulated container farm.  Grow over 6800 heads of lettuce every 3 weeks, or over 30,000 basil plants or other herbs at one time, harvest daily!  $92,500 turn key


Contact our Food Service and Hospitality Team for more information:

Duane Welch, Director of Hospitality Sales

Phone: 702-682-7896  email:

Georg Paulussen, Global Director of Culinary Operations

Phone: 305-763-3420  email:

Corporate Office: 1-888-603-7866

5 Unit Modular Farm -- grow over 20,000 heads of lettuce every 3 weeks,  or over 100,000 basil plants or other herbs at one time, harvest every day! $365,000

  • Save on your food costs
  • Excellent R.O.I.
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Truly Plug and Play, small or large farms
  • ​No Pesticides, No Herbicides
  • Non GMO

What Are Your Needs? Daily harvest for one restaurant? Large farm to support a client base?


Discover how a vertical aeroponic farm from Indoor Farms of America

can bring meaningful value and benefit to your company.

Who We Are.

Get to know our team.

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Director of Culinary Operations Chef Georg Paulussen demonstrates why our equipment makes sense for your operation

Real Innovation For Agriculture

  • This is "Real" Farm to Plate!
  • Eliminate food waste
  • Harvest clean, fresh produce every day
  • Great taste every time
  • Grow to your specific menu needs
  • This is what Sustainability is all about

Foodservice and Hospitality Industry