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 Premium Food Grade Aeroponic Equipment          UV Stabilized For Greenhouse Use           Lower Install Costs        Lower Labor Costs

Click or tap above to learn more about our complete farm packages that you can install by yourself or with your own crews.  If you have this capability, this option will save you even more money as compared to our best of breed Turn-Key farms, which offer superior farm performance at a better price compared to any other indoor farm equipment.

Can you install your equipment yourself, or can you hire local help that can?  If so, you can own the best indoor agriculture equipment and be operating for substantially less investment, and enjoy much faster return on investment.

We will guide the process to make it easy and smooth, no matter where you are.

Are you a Greenhouse Farm Operator?  Our Aeroponic Chambers hold 325 plants in 4 Square Feet of net growing area, need only 8' of height to operate in, and are UV-8 Rated for Outdoor Use, made from FOOD GRADE materials. They are essentially "plug and play" and can be integrated into your existing system easily.

Get 10X your current growing capacity if you are using NFT style equipment.

Please contact us with questions via email or phone, we will be happy to assist you.


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Watch the short video above to see the inside of a production farm in operation. You will get a good idea of how many more plants you can grow in less space, along with how easy planting and harvesting our equipment is.