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Indoor Farms of America developed the most productive, economically sound indoor agriculture equipment in the world. We patented it with multiple patents. We build it in our own facilities. Now, we offer a business model that transforms this industry.

Own and operate a vertical indoor farm

Have you been kicking the tires on the Indoor Agriculture industry?

If you have, you should investigate all the options to make a prudent decision. We know whats out there. You are looking at the best there is.

​It's your choice.  Either way you go, our farms have been developed to minimize risks and maximize returns on investment.

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Own a vertical farm and manage myself

There is no other complete indoor agriculture equipment that comes close to providing the R.O.I. that ours does.  We designed and built it that way for a reason.  Plus, our farm management team has over 30 years each of developing and operating the world's largest single site logistics operations, in markets around the world, with a focus on the fresh produce industry.

Complete farm modeling and analysis, expert growers to assist in what to grow and how to grow it in our equipment, and staffing talent all will guide your farm to success, anywhere it is located.  Opportunities are available in markets across the U.S. and in select countries around the globe.