Typical Deep Water Raft System

Some newer "Stacked" systems, examples shown below, can achieve 20 to 40 plants per square foot, but they are operationally inferior and can be prohibitively expensive to install and to operate, reducing or eliminating any reasonable ROI expectations from a farm.

We have developed a special grid that we place in front of the vertical growing area that allows fruit-bearing plants to be gently supported during growth to maturity.

Chili Pepper Close-Up! Healthy and Happy

November 1, 2015

Mesclun Mix

​8 days from transplant

Compare our equipment to older systems shown here, commonly used today, which typically represent between 2 and 4 plants per square foot of Net Farm Area, and longer ROI to achieve profitability:

Seascape Strawberries

Day 3 from Bare Root

Seascape Strawberries

Day 13 from Bare Root

Daylight Photos of our crops grown in our Food-Grade vertical aeroponic equipment:

Planting and Harvesting levels 4 through 15 poses a major cost-benefit challenge, not to mention the industrial accident waiting to happen that is ever-present in these comparatively expensive systems. We think if you need a skylift to plant and harvest vegetables, something is fundamentally flawed!

Real Innovation For Agriculture

  • Designed for a minimum of 15 leafy green crop cycles per year. Experienced growers will achieve even more.
  • Designed to use lower amounts of electricity to operate on a per-plant basis than any other equipment out there. Period.
  • Intelligent Proprietary Aeroponic Design means Lower Labor Costs and less chance for an industrial accident than any other equipment. Period.

Arugula Rocket

29 days from seed

Thai Chili Peppers

23 days from transplant November 1, 2015

Thai Chili Peppers

2 days from transplant October 11, 2015

Fast Facts:  Our patented growing equipment represents up to 40 plants per square foot of Net Farm Area in just

an 8' ceiling height, at an installed "Cost Per Plant-Site" that is unmatched. You will experience impressive yields. 

"How does your garden grow?"  Crops Growing in our Demonstration Farm in Las Vegas at 40 plants per square foot of net farm area:

Baby Red Romaine

3 days after transplant

Note that the pink hue in some photos is from the LED lighting.  It's an operating farm!

Baby Kale, tender and tasty

​Genovese Basil, incredible aroma and flavor

Compare our Vertical Aeroponic Equipment to any other growing equipment to help you decide what to invest in as a farm operator. All you bean counters, take note!

Dedicated to creating a sustainable food supply for generations to come.

  • Complete Farms are priced under $10 per plant site, compare to $20 to $40 of other equipment providers.
  • Uses roughly 5% of the water of a soil farm
  • NO WASTE. Every recurring item that goes into the farm, is recyclable.  This is real sustainable farming.
  • ​No Plastic Net Pots to buy. None. Ever.

Arugula, full of intense flavor

​Genovese Basil

​28 days from seed

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Typical NFT hydroponic installation

Key Features of our Patented Aeroponic Vertical Farm Equipment, keep in mind when you compare to ANY other equipment: