First Look--Spring 2015-- We introduced our prototype equipment to rave industry reviews. What a wonderful "coming out" for our company and our products.  Thank you to our Team for all your help to make it happen.

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The Most Innovative and Cost-Effective End-To-End Indoor Agriculture Equipment On the Market. 

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Our food-grade patented aeroponic growing equipment, designed to be used in both totally enclosed controlled environment agriculture AND in greenhouse 

operations, represents a great leap forward from all other existing commercially available indoor crop growing equipment and systems. If you are considering investing in indoor agriculture, we strongly urge you to visit us before making any decisions on the equipment you will use to grow your crops.



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Multiple U.S. Patents Issued 2016

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November, 2016-- Financing Now Available!  Take a look at the financing options we now have available to qualified customers. Click or Tap on the image on the left!  

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